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Talent idea:

  • Human resources are the most important resources for the development of enterprises. The effective management and utilization of human resources is the necessary condition for enterprises to improve their own advantages and maintain competitive advantages;
  • Employee's sense of responsibility determines the growth of the organization, so in the case of both enterprise success and economic benefits, create a comfortable development platform for employees, and provide good benefits and benefits;
  • Continuously train people according to their personality and qualifications, adapt them to work, and provide opportunities for promotion according to their personal abilities. At present, the company is in a stage of rapid development, and urgently needs all kinds of talents. Shanghai often invite more people with lofty ideals to join, and witness the development of Shanghai Chang Hui, to create a better shining tomorrow!
Recruitment position:Product manager, Graphic designer, Foreign trade business, Domestic sales (engineering experience is preferred); Internet of things System Engineer
Salary: salary negotiable, five social insurance and one housing fund and paid annual leave, weekends, holidays and welfare, performance bonus, staff travel, the opportunity to go abroad, the annual physical examination
  • Product manager

    Job responsibilities:

    1. Familiar with the lighting industry, conduct market research, understand the market competition and product positioning.

    2. Responsible for the promotion of the company's lighting products planning, channel development guidance, project (engineering) management and sales work, implementation and completion of the company's annual product sales plan.

    3. Responsible for lighting products selling and refining products sales training;

    4. Responsible for lighting products to promote the planning of materials and design with the design department;

    5. Collection of market information, industry information, competitive information and customer feedback, the company's marketing strategy, after-sales service, such as reference;

    6. Responsible for lighting products sales and background production after-sales coordination of convergence;

    7. Responsible for lighting products based on market demand research, lighting products positioning and procurement needs report;

    8. Responsible for lighting products selling and sales team training; responsible for the development of lighting promotion program.


    1. Electrical engineering or optoelectronics and other professional, with lighting industry marketing management experience for more than two years;

    2. Familiar with lighting products and lighting channel market, proficient in the lighting of the electronic, structural and light distribution parameters.

    3. Have excellent language skills, communication skills, negotiation skills, independent problem solving skills;

    4. Have a good channel marketing management capabilities, team management capabilities, there is a certain text planning skills. There are industry managers in the region, regional manager work experience is preferred.

  • Graphic Designer

    Job responsibilities:

    1. Product design changes, sample design, product image post-processing and detailed page layout design work;

    2. For the company's marketing activities for a variety of promotional materials design, and communication with the production unit to confirm;

    3. Combined with the engineer drawings, in the company's original packaging format based on the new or modified packaging design;

    4. According to the engineers to provide the text and pictures, product catalog layout design work;

    5. Independent and efficient completion of other design projects in charge of the arrangement.


    1. Proficiency in photoshop, Illustrator, Coreldraw and other design software, can use Autocad, 3Dmax software is preferred;

    2. Have a good aesthetic ability and color sense, a solid art skills, design creativity, the use of color freely, grasp the details of the goods in place, college or higher;

    3. Understand the printing process of flat manuscripts, as well as the design and printing of graphic manuscripts, can quickly and independently complete high-quality design;

    4. Active thinking, be creative, able to work under pressure, with strong communication skills and team work spirit, strong sense of responsibility;

    5. Experience in the lighting industry is preferred.

  • Foreign trade clerk

    Job responsibilities:

    1.Responsible for the company's overseas market sales services, the collection of relevant regional market information;

    2. Through the enterprise sales platform such as Google, Alibaba and other B2B website development customers;

    3. Completed from the development, orders, with the single, collection, booking, document pieces, shipping foreign trade processes; processing after-sales service;

    4. The company overseas visits, exhibitions and other plans to actively cooperate with the country, if necessary to visit abroad and exhibitions and so on.

    5. Implement the company to develop the price and sales strategy, the implementation of products overseas marketing plan;

    6. Actively complete the sales order to negotiate, determine and implement, follow up the recovery of sales accounts;

    7. Development and maintenance of customer relationships, the establishment and improvement of customer files and report to the company; actively completed the superiors account of the other work.


    1. Proficient in English, Russian, French, Spanish and any other foreign language, international trade and related professional, college or higher;

    2. With foreign trade experience more than one year working experience, familiar with foreign trade business - related processes, lighting industry sales experience is preferred;

    3. With strong business negotiations and market development capabilities;

    4. Cheerful, good at communication, diligent and pragmatic, love and dedication;

    5. Experience in the lighting industry is preferred.

  • Domestic lighting sales

    Job responsibilities:

    1. Responsible for collecting market and industry information;

    2. Responsible for market development, expand the scope of product sales;

    3. Develop new customers, maintain and increase existing customer relationships, deal with aftermarket;

    4. Complete part of the technical support work, and technical exchanges with customers;

    5. Regularly develop sales plans and sales programs;


    1. College degree or above, there are operational lighting project project priority;

    2. More than one year lighting industry sales experience, familiar with the lighting products related to the knowledge;

    3. Love to sell, have the ability to independently develop the market, can independently analyze and solve the various problems in the project;

    4. Actively maintain customer relations, do a good job in the market - related business matters;

    5. Have good habits, regularly organize the documents on hand, do a good job in the daily operation of the sales work;

    6. Good professional ethics, good public relations and communication skills; good team spirit, good at learning; proactive and daring to face challenging work;

  • Internet of Things engineers

    Job responsibilities:

    Responsible for intelligent home system program development and design


    1. familiar with the TCP / IP protocol, the communication and information systems have a certain understanding;

    2. Familiar with WiFi, Zigbee, RF and other wireless communication technology, have the field of work experience;

    3. Have a certain understanding of the embedded system, familiar with the embedded linux system and hardware knowledge is preferred;

    4. Familiarize yourself with Android or IOS developers

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