Return OSRAM Wuxi factory phase II project signed, investment over 100 million Euros!

OSRAM is headquartered in Munich, Germany, Is one of the world's leading lighting manufacturers with a century-old history. In China has been more than 20 years of development… …


Not long ago, OSRAM Opto Semiconductors Global Chief Operating Officer Jascha altemans and his party came to Wuxi City. Of course, there is a good thing, that is OSRAM Wuxi factory, about to build Phase II project.


On April 19, 2017, Li Xiaomin, member of the Standing Committee of the provincial party committee and secretary of the municipal party committee, met with the global chief operating officer of Osram Opto Semiconductors, and attended the signing ceremony of the second phase of the OSRAM Wuxi factory. Vice Mayor Gao Yaguang, Senior High School District Party Committee Secretary, Director of the CMC, Xin Wu District Party Committee Secretary Wei Duo, Gao Xin District Party Committee Deputy Secretary, deputy director of the CMC, high-tech district executive vice mayor Hong Yanwei to participate in activities.


Li Xiaomin thanked Osram for his contribution to the economic development of Wuxi, congratulated the signing of the project and briefed on the economic and social development of Wuxi.

OSRAM is one of the world's two most innovative lighting companies, one of the world's two major light source manufacturers. After years of development, OSRAM Wuxi base project to maintain a good momentum of development, as Wuxi and Germany economic and trade exchanges and cooperation model. The implementation of the base in Wuxi in advance of the second phase of capital increase expansion project, reflects the Osram on Wuxi company's development performance of a high degree of recognition of the development environment in Wuxi highly recognized. Hope that OSRAM as soon as possible to start the second phase of the project, the strength of Wuxi company to expand the size of Wuxi to build China and Asia as a first-class photoelectric semiconductor production base. Wuxi will provide quality services for the implementation of the project and create a favorable environment.

Deepen cooperation areas

"Thirteen Five" period, Wuxi's goal is to build a well-off society at all levels, one of the high level of content is the development of the industry to the high-end, Wuxi will accelerate the construction of modern industrial development system to build the domestic first-class, with international influence Of the modern industry to develop new heights. To achieve this goal, Wuxi will fully expand the opening to the outside world, and actively seek cooperation with high-level multinational companies in the expansion and opening up to improve the level of industrial development, in speeding up the transformation and upgrading to strengthen the real economy. Osram's leading industry and Wuxi industry development direction, the smooth implementation of the second phase of the project will help enhance the Wuxi LED and optoelectronic semiconductor industry research and development, production and service levels. We attach great importance to cooperation with OSRAM, look forward to through the sincere cooperation between the two sides, and constantly deepen the field of cooperation, continue to bear fruitful results of cooperation.

Altman thanked the municipal government of Wuxi for the support of OSRAM in Wuxi.

Osram Wuxi base of a project is OSRAM in China's first LED packaging base, the development of a very successful, which is inseparable from the Wuxi City, the strong support of high-tech zones. The successful implementation of the first phase of the project, deepened the trust between each other, which is the implementation of the European base in advance of the second phase of Wuxi expansion of capital expansion project. I believe that with the implementation of the second phase of the project, OSRAM Wuxi company will usher in better development opportunities, and better build a world-class photoelectric semiconductor production base. Hope that the joint efforts of both sides, the smooth realization of this year in August to start construction, the beginning of 2019 into production goals.

The capital increase project plans to introduce a new highly automated production line, the new 22,000 square meters clean plant, the new packaging and testing equipment investment 195 million euros, the new sales income of 210 million euros, more than 2,000 new jobs.