Return CHZ sponsors the new KIA team

Driven by the Spanish Union of real automobile, the Spanish ninth rally "Energy Cup" was started, mainly in the areas of the Basque Country and Nava. The famous fleet of the Catalan brothers, Ami Lili, the Basque region of Cantabria, and Del Cato Ou Yade Peter, and many more from Italy, France, Great Britain, Switzerland and the Polish team to participate, there has been a large number of Reporters to the scene reported races, there are a large number of guests for the game.


The Duke of Aikic led Vasco de Cantabria team, will control Saul KIA series of electric vehicles, which is a high performance, low power consumption, zero pollution, pure electric vehicles, the Duke spoke very well of the car, "we have combined with its use and energy consumption, several tests have been made, control the feeling is very comfortable, and does not emit carbon dioxide, contribute to the sustainable development of the ecological environment, at the same time, the electric car KIA Saul, is our guarantee of success ".

CHZ is the main sponsor of the KIA car in the tournament, support KIA cars to win again.