Return Warm congratulations! Shanghai Changhui Lighting Jiangxi Jiujiang ST12 Solar Street Light Project Successfully Landed


     Jiangxi Jiujiang ST12 Solar Street Light Project is the first project that Changhui Lighting has successfully landed.2.jpg

 The picture shows the power-on detection procedure before the ST12 street light is installed. All intelligent street lights will be tested by field engineers before installation to ensure smooth networking after installation.


The picture shows the network management communication test after power-on. The Shanghai headquarters displays this device and is online. The test passes and can be sent to the construction site.4.jpg

The on-site installation master is assembling the pole.5.jpg

The assembled ST12 street lights have been neatly placed on both sides of the road. .6.jpg

The pole has come back again! It is this small antenna that realizes the wireless communication, manual regulation, condition monitoring and other functions of the entire street lamp, saving time and effort.7.jpg

Even in the rainy weather in Jiangxi, solar panels can still charge the battery to ensure that nighttime lighting is not affected.8.jpg

Double lamp holder, three solar panels, and dual battery design ensure long-term rainy days can also meet the lighting function.


What is the difference between ST12 solar street lights and traditional solar street lights?     

ST12 solar street light has a communication module, which can remotely view various parameters of the street light. At the same time, it can modify various settings. It does not require the staff to go to the site for one-to-one debugging. If there is abnormal operation, it can be reported to the total system, and then notified to the maintenance personnel to reduce Labor costs and improve work efficiency.

     The state vigorously advocates the construction of smart cities, and intelligent street lamps as an important carrier will play an increasingly important role!