Return Fujian Industrial Park Solar Lighting Reconstruction Project

The street lights not only illuminate the road at night, but also decorate the night sky of the city. However, street lamps are also a large power consumer. According to the statistics of the Ministry of Construction, the annual electricity consumption of urban lighting (including road lighting and landscape lighting) in China accounts for 4%-5% of the total power generation in China. With the intensification of the world energy crisis, the state advocates green and new energy policies frequently introduced. As a huge amount of renewable and clean energy, solar energy has attracted the attention of governments. Solar products have begun to enter our lives and play in all walks of life. More and more important role.1.jpg

Recently, the solar street lighting project of an industrial park in Fujian Province, which was participated by Chang Hui Lighting, was officially completed, which greatly facilitated the travel of workers in the park. Changhui Lighting IST1 series solar LED street lamps have settled in the industrial park, which not only brings bright light to the park workers and nearby residents, but also safer travel at night. It also meets the national industrial green development plan, saving 397,000 kWh of electricity for the industrial park in one year. , reducing carbon emissions by 176.3 tons.

 In order to better allocate resources and optimize lighting effects, Changhui fully considers the working hours of the park. All street lights are equipped with intelligent control systems to achieve intelligent control of brightness in different time periods, not only energy saving and environmental protection, but also Enhanced the effective lighting capabilities of the luminaire.

The lighting design parameters of this case meet the requirements of the current national standards and standards, and the design scheme of road illumination, brightness and uniformity is determined in combination with the actual situation of the industrial park. Refer to the national standard requirements and production requirements of the factory: 26 lx of main road lighting, 0.65 of uniformity of illumination; 25 lx of secondary road illumination and 0.6 uniformity of illumination.6.jpg

 As the energy project, the road lighting in the plant area should proceed from the actual implementation, select the high-efficiency and energy-saving green light source according to the specific conditions, improve the utilization rate of lighting, and comprehensively apply various energy-saving means to obtain the maximum social and economic benefits. .7.jpg